Introducing the new format in mobile ads, this particular feature is quick and easy to make with a 1 day turn around for any social post. This format takes a pre-existing social media creative, extracts the URL link and is then taken live on many advertising platforms. One of the key features of this format is that it will showcase the number of likes and comments a social media post gets and is dynamically updated in real-time. This also creates a familiar user experience as the ad looks exactly like the social media post. InMobi’s advanced platform is the only one that activates social media content to run as programmatic creative units to scale.

How advanced it is:

• Faster and easier to develop than traditional display banners.

• Easy to create, edit, & manage.

• Save money on creative development.

• Improve performance against branding and DR metrics

.• Coordinate brand presence across channels for message synergy

.• Enable the fastest creative development-to-launch timeline in the industry.

The current social formats it supports are- Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and LinkedIn.

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